Monday, January 21, 2013

A rare letter of Quaid sent to a Muslim producer.

Quaid knew the power of information warfare, media war and psy-ops using latest perception management tool. Even before the creation of Pakistan, he wanted Muslims to come into the cinematography to make historical and morally correct films and drams to educate the masses. This is a rare letter of Quaid sent to a Muslim producer.

Strange it may sound, when I was in Afghanistan, our media management, perception handling and propaganda warfare group was also called MAJ, Mirror of Afghan Jihad, the initials of Quaids name printed on the top left corner of this letter -- Mohemmed Ali Jinnah, MAJ :) a spiritual bond to the desire of Quaid to forge a solid information warfare weapon system.

Our youth must use the media to its fullest. A lot can be done through social media - the main battle station of today. Each one can be a soldier here. Do your duty.


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