Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Even the fifth largest army of the country could not save the dismemberment of the country on ethnic, religious and regional lines

Alhamdolillah, On Sunday, we attended a national Security conference in Lahore sponsored by Din News. In the picture Nigerian ambassador and PJ Mir can be seen. Patriotic Marri tribals, economists who present Gold based systems and we spoke on the occasion. Pakistan's entire security profile under 4th and 5th generation war was dissected and solutions given. As usual, a very harsh azaan against the systems of Kufr, alhamdolillah.

The program will be aired by Din News inshAllah and then we will upload the video also.

The summary of our azaan is:

Pakistan is today a country in war whose judiciary, government and the economy has already crashed and its media is a hostile foreign funded information warfare weapon system deployed against the state itself and the nation faces multiple insurgencies in every part of the country bogging the nuclear armed forces into a asymmetric decentralized high intensity urban war while the Indians maintain an aggressive posture on East and US led NATO forces wage their own proxy and direct wars through drones, raids and mercenaries of TTP and BLA. The government plans elections in these times of war when there won’t be any money in the kitty to even pay the salaries to the government and the army in the next few months with IMF increasing their choke hold on the vulnerable economy to set backbreaking terms for further lending. Government is being run by printing almost 3 billion rupees daily, crashing the rupee against dollar.

In the life cycle of any state, there are often 2 red lines. Once the first red line is crossed, a decisive intervention by the armed forces to recover the chaos and anarchy can still save the country. It has happened many times in Pakistan’s history. But if the army does not intervene after the first red line is crossed and the second red line is also reached, then even an intervention can also not save the collapse. Yugoslavia army waited too long before intervening but by then the second red line had also been crossed. The result was catastrophic for the state – even the fifth largest army of the country could not save the dismemberment of the country on ethnic, religious and regional lines. Soviet army on the other hand, did not intervene at all and watched in horror and indecision as the Soviet empire disintegrated without even firing a shot!

In our assessment, for Pakistan, the first red line was crossed when the government had written the treacherous memo almost 2 years ago. The second red line is weeks away now, after which even a military intervention won’t recover the country or the cost of recovery would mean a bloody rescue effort running into hundreds of thousands of lives.

Khair inshAllah


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