Friday, February 1, 2013

Elections would only create a bloody anarchy....

Never in Pakistan's history have we seen the leadership, executive, judiciary, scholars, intellectuals and the government so hopelessly confused, treacherous and blind! This is a dangerous appalling and nauseating state of affairs at a time when the country is facing an existential war on multiple axis. We only see a blazing fire at the end of this dark cold tunnel of politics and democracy. Not a single person at the helm of affairs have any clue on how to develop the national, long term, stable and pro-active responses to the catastrophic state failure we face today. stupid men, walking in a dark night, led by the deaf, dumb and the blind -- the disaster is inevitable now.

Elections would only create a bloody anarchy, much more than what we have today. We have done our duty and would remain firm in what we believe to be the only course for this millat e Marhoom. If this nation and its blind pygmy leaders do not want to listen, which they wont, then now we wait for the judgement from Allah (swt). It can be a Halaku Khan like punishment or a Hasan Bin Sabah styled fitnah e Kharji or Salahuddin type Mujahid. We wait now for the judgement.


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