Friday, February 1, 2013

Let us destroy one propaganda myth against article 62, 63

Let us destroy one propaganda myth against article 62, 63. All those who are against these clauses say " who will decide who is the Sadiq and ameen?? Who will decide who is the pious Muslim or not ??? Who will be the judge of people's Imaan ???

All the above arguments are either given by snakes, idiots or fools to deceive the nation.

What does article 62,63 basically mean??

1. Person should not be against the ideology of Pakistan. Now, what is so difficult about this clause??? Everyone knows who is against the ideology of Pakistan and who stands for an Islamic Pakistan of Quaid and Iqbal. ANP DO NOT accept Pakistan at all. MQM says making of Pakistan was the biggest blunder. So these snakes are clearly known and the entire nation knows that they fail this first clause of the article 62,63.

2. Second clause says they should be practicing Muslims abstaining from known Haram and major sins -- like Alcohol, adultery, womanizing, Riba and should be following at least the 5 fundamental pillers of Islam -- Salat, Zakat, Hajj and Saum along with being a Muslim. Now, this is also NOT a secret who does what openly. Only Allah knows the sins done within the boundary walls or behind locked doors but this clause applies to sins or deeds done in Public. What is so difficult to decide who drinks, womanizes or prays or not ???? Those leaders who are living without wives like Zardari and Altaf are not angels that they live without wives and pray all night and fast all day !!!! Everyone knows what they do and so does so many of the Ministers, MNA's and MPA's.

3. Third clause is that they should not be financially corrupt where the condition of Ameen is applied. Again, everyone knows who is corrupt and who is honest. When people live beyond their known incomes and they become rich overnight after coming into power, they are corrupt. This is NOT a secret anymore now. Almost the entire country has been bled dry at 13 billion rupees per day corruption and still we don't know who the corrupt are ???? Astaghfurllah.

So, all the criticism on article 62, 63 is only done by total and complete idiots, corrupt or traitors or womanizers, or those who do not offer salat or pay Zakat or do not fast have not done Hajj because they fear it most!! Now you get it ????

DO WE WANT these almost Kafir like people in the parliament ?? if yes, then go ahead and remove these conditions and then wait for the most severe punishment from Allah. Go ahead and do what you will. Allah is doing what He wills..



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