Sunday, March 24, 2013

BrassTacks political analysis

BrassTacks political analysis:

We tweeted this today, the entire political analysis of Pakistan, elections, political parties, internal and foreign players and their future: You are on this page because you want to hear what I say. I share what I know from sources or analyze. DO NOT shoot the messenger pl. If you do not like it, you are free to do what you want. I am not stopping you. Your denial wont change the facts. Each one of you know that our duty is to protect and defend Pakistan. It is because of this "fixed" elections that we are against them. We are NOT making any personal attacks against any person but when they come into politics to rule the country, their actions will be put into strict scrutiny. What we have said will be known to all in a few days InshAllah. Just Sabr.



While the US and Saudis are sponsoring NS, the problem remains that great trust deficit remains between NS & army. So far, there is no deal. Saudis & Americans are trying to broker a deal but there is extreme anger in army against NS. There might be a compromise on SS in the chaos. US needs some stable govt in ibd till their exit in 2014 from Afg, hence their desire to bring NS/SS & also to not to make Pakmil angry.

US assessment is that IK is too naive and directness to stabilize Pak in times of war. AZ has lost their trust already, hence bets on NS/SS.

Our discussion with the Turkish ruling party also suggest that they favor NS/SS. They are extremely disappointed with IK as well.

Saudis hate AZ. They have not extended anything to IK for lack of trust. They will act as brokers between army & NS/SS, as they always have.

Indians are very comfortable with IK. From Indian ruling party to bollywood, they would love to see him as the next PM. Why ?? Ponder deep.

MQM remains the favorite bulldogs for the Indians & US. So are the ANP. Both are hired guns to control Karachi for them. That's unchanged. Mush has no support in the army or in any political party except MQM. US and Britain are keeping him as a backup option using MQM muscle.

The result of all this foreign & internal cut throat chess games would be a weak, hung parliament & same chaos as we see today. No winners.

The western power and their slave politicians will never allow an Islamic laws in Pakistan. This democracy is to make sure of that. be warned, that you have been advised !!


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