Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PTI be honest please!!!

This is the Pakistan we want and InshAllah, we will make our full and final stand for it. This is the promise we have made to Rasul Allah (sm) and the duty has been given to us by beloved baba Iqbal and Baba Quaid. We reject this retarded democracy. It is total insanity to follow a kufr system and expect an Islamic welfare state through it. !!

PTI should note this. There can be no Islamic welfare state without deen, Sharia, Islamic political, judicial and economic system. Islamic welfare state is NOT the one like Norway or Denmark. They have all the welfare and luxuries of life but that is NOT the ideal for us. Without the systems of Khilafat e Rashida, democracy is nothing but fraud.

PTI wants a secular, liberal, western democratic, welfare state. NOT Islamic welfare state.

Be honest please!!!


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