Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome to this filthy demon-cracy

Nawaz is the only mainstream political leader who has opposed the Gawader deal. He wants to please the Americans. NS has also sided with the TTP, BLA and LeJ. He has also destroyed the two nation theory from the platform of SAFMA. All the enemies of the state and Muslims are now the new best friends of NS. He wants to be the next PM!!! Welcome to this filthy demon-cracy.


What on earth is NS trying to achieve by standing with all the enemies, traitors and terrorists ???? Here, he is seen attending SAFMA seminar where he destroyed the two nations theory and the entire ideology of Pakistan. His ministers are seen protecting the LeJ terrorists who are waging a bloody sectarian war against the state. NS is closest to the TTP and wants the government to forgive all the Khawarij. he stands with BLA and the CIA. Now he wants to become our PM also !!! Over our dead bodies...

Here he is standing with the leaders of BLA who have killed thousands of Muslims and settlers in Baluchistan. Over a 100,000 families have migrated out of Baluchistan because of BLA terrorism. Here also, NS demands are exactly what the Indians want. He stands with brothers and fathers of BLA terrorists, who are sworn enemies of Pakistan and are waging a war to separate Baluchistan from Pakistan. You really cannot shame the shameless !!



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