Friday, April 19, 2013

Dear all, we want to make an important comment.

PEMRA has taken a very firm view of the filth that was aired on Capital TV against Pak army and Chief of army staff. As we write, Capital TV has been taken off air and blocked in Pakistan. It seems that legal action is being taken against the Channel, the participants of the program and Imaad Khalid for insulting the army, ISI and trying to create anarchy in the country. This is the right way to respond.

Imaad Khalid has not just betrayed the mission, he has betrayed the country as well and have insulted, defamed and tried to humiliate dozens of innocent people in his document. People are indeed angry. many people are planning to file legal responses.

We are giving a direct order to all members here. NO one will call, abuse, insult or harm Imaad Khalid. Let the law takes its course. We are followers of Rasul Allah (sm) and must show the dignity, character and courage to behave like Momins. All those who respect us must obey us here. If you want to respond, write on social media or file legal notices through your lawyers. Nothing else.

Once again, we strongly advice -- No one will break the law to respond to Imaad Khalid or harm or abuse him. He has already humiliated himself and stands fully exposed. We have a duty to do for Pak sarzameen and he is not important for us to waste our time on him. Lets march on. Got to war to fight to defend our beloved Pak sarzameen.

khair inshAllah.



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