Saturday, April 27, 2013

We give you the glimpse of the battle station BrassTacks and the entire axis of its operations in the last 5 years alhamdolillah !!

For the first time, we give you the glimpse of the battle station BrassTacks and the entire axis of its operations in the last 5 years alhamdolillah !!

This is a romantic mission to defend Pak Sarzameen and our Sabr Hilali parcham against all enemies, on all axis – military, economic, ideological, information, political and judicial.

The mission is not just academic to do cutting edge threat analysis and Defense Consulting but also fighting on the front line of information warfare, countering the hostile propaganda, perception management and defending the Pakistan sarzameen and the armed forces in the battle of the airwaves as well as protecting the ideological boundaries of our beloved Pak sarzameen.
You know about presence on the social media as well as in the mainstream media where we have done thousands of critical programs on all crucial national security and ideological issues. But behind the media appearances, there are massive amount of research, policy papers, book writings, publishing, threat analysis and situation report writing which forms the backbone of this passionate ideological and romantic revivalist movement of the 21st century.

Our founding fathers created this Median e Sani. It is a debt we owe to them and to the millions of our founding fathers, mothers, sisters and daughters who sacrificed all they had so that we could live with dignity in this Pak sarzameen. Pakistan is still an unfinished destiny which must be completed, Takmeel e Pakistan, which needs same sacrifice and passion which our founding fathers displayed with such dignity.

The most of the work you see here is just done in the last 4 years, alhamdolillah. During the mission, as we fight on the front lines, we receive heaviest of fire from the enemies of Pak Sazameen but alhamdolillah, our journey continues.

We invite you all to be part of it and join our team of cyber volunteers on the social media – on our FB page, twitter, blogs and websites – to spread the azaan.

Fighting the war of the hearts and minds is the greatest of jihad in these times when our beloved Pak sarzameen, our armed forces and our Sabz Hilali parcham is so surrounded by the enemies of all sorts.

We have chosen our path – It is living with dignity and dying with honor – under the shadow of Gumbad e Khizra and Sabz Hilali parcham for the sake of our beloved Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and Medina e Sani.

Barak Allah feekum to all of you.


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