Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dear PTI children, we had warned you about that these elections wont change anything !

Dear PTI children, this is what we had warned you about. These elections wont change anything. The whole system is corrupt. The judiciary violated the article 62,63 and ECP compromised with the snakes of the status quo. You wanted one more chance. Now we will hold your leadership responsible for throwing Pakistan to dogs once again. You did NOT listen when we warned you. You were often arrogant and rude. Now the whole Pakistan will suffer as the snakes lead the polls and take power. This is so sad. So painful.

You should have demanded that a patriotic caretaker government must be installed which should clean the corrupt and bring law and order into control. Then after revamping the system, a new political order could have been brought on the pattern of Khilafat e Rashida. Now we are stuck with the same filth once again and PTI is nothing but an opposition block. Your tsunami has crashed.

Now, we are hearing that PML(N) is picking up fights with PTI and clashes are taking place. Stay calm, don't resort to violence or provocation. Don't lose your lives or burn Pakistan down. Behave with dignity and take this defeat with courage.

Don't say, we did not warn you. You did not listen.


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