Thursday, May 9, 2013

The post election scenario we see....

A correct threat analysis is neither spreading despondency nor conspiracy theory. It is pure wisdom, a gift from Allah (swt), which the idiots cannot see.

Months ago, we had warned that we must not hold elections as they would be bloody, waste of time and resources and would not produce any results. The idiots refused to believe. Now we are paying in blood daily and those idiots are silent, not willing to accept they were wrong.

Now, billions have been spent, thousands killed or wounded, total chaos in the country where elections have lost all moral and legal credibility already, all major parties and leaders are under threats of assassinations, multiple candidates already killed or wounded and over nearly 200,000 troops, Police and Para military are deployed for the day alone.

Let us warn you of the results now.

No one who would lose would accept the results of the drama called elections. This will NOT bring stability or peace in the country. The weak hung parliament would deserved to be hanged instead. There would be more violence, bloodshed and even assassinations of some top leaders. The terrorists have threatened and the government have acknowledge this threat already. Only the insane idiots refuse to see. They will see soon, after 3 days inshAllah.

You have the choice to make fun again or reject it but you CANNOT change the facts on ground.

Our only hope, by the permission of Allah (swt), is Pakistan army. Political parties have lost total control now and would continue to create chaos. In the end, the solution would be what we have been saying all along -- a patriotic civilian caretaker government for 3 years backed by the army. Lets see what Allah has in store for this nation which continue to follow the path of stupidity, arrogance and ignorance.

There is no khair in this filthy democracy. No khair at all.

Khair inshAllah


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