Thursday, May 16, 2013

These elections are a systematic fraud, failure and mistake

It is a systematic fraud, failure and mistakes.

Going into elections which have already been fixed at international and local levels was a mistake to start with.

Then the judiciary and ECP brutally violated the Constitution's article 62,63 and allowed all the fraudsters, traitors and corrupt to contest, allowing them to rig as well. The result was the most brutally rigged elections in Pakistan's history.

Then the law and order was not controlled, resulting in over 300 deaths, 1200 wounded and hundreds of incidents of blasts, attacks and clashes.

Then on election day, massive rigging by local parties, totally defrauding the young voters, mostly from the PTI.

Now, post election, none of the losing party is accepting the results in all provinces. When ECP is holding re-election in Karachi, MQM is offering resistance and it may get very messy on 19th. In NWFP, now even the JUI have refused to accept the mandate of PTI and would be resisting.

When parties fight in the provinces, would they be sitting together in the National assembly peacefully ??? No possibility.

Now think about it. Have these elections brought political, provincial and national harmony or have they divided the nation brutally on regional, ethnic and political lines ???? Have we gained or have we lost as a nation ????

This is what we had warned. Clean the system first through a patriotic caretaker government, improve the law and order, apply article 62,63, change the system and then go for the political process.

Now the nation pays for the collective stupidity of the elders and still refuse to listen, see or act.

Next few days would be messy. But DO NOT panic. stay firm and stand united and do NOT let anyone divide this nation into provincial, ethnic, regional or religious lines.

InshAllah Khair. We have made mistakes and now we have to do damage control. We still say, these elections have gone waste. There is no khair in these. Now wait for Allah's judgement to unfold.


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