Friday, May 31, 2013

TTP, the useful idiots for the RAW/CIA covert operations against Pakistan.

See the irony of the situation.

TTP was beaten into submission by Pak army and pushed into Afghanistan, where TTP was under pressure from their handlers to go back into Pakistan and fight.

On their part, TTP wanted to gain time to regroup, rest and re-supply and thus tried to take advantage of the new government in Pakistan to try to start "peace" talks, just to gain time and space.

The handlers of the TTP were furious at this as the RAW/CIA demands were to increase the war inside Pakistan. When TTP tried to resist the CIA pressure, their number 2 Qari Waliu Rehman was assassinated by a CIA drone, sending a signal to the rest of the TTP leadership to fall back in line.

The message was conveyed loud and clear and immediately, TTP refuse any peace talks with Pakistan and vow to resume their war !!

Mission achieved for CIA. Imagine, If CIA had killed TTP leader, TTP should have declared a war against CIA. Instead, they resume their war against Pakistan funny isn't it. This is called using disposable diapers for waging a war :)) All TTP are useful diapers. Will be used to wage war against Pakistan and when they start to stink, they will be eliminated. Useful idiots for the RAW/CIA covert operations against Pakistan.


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