Thursday, May 30, 2013

We do not agree with Imran Hossain's analysis about Sultan Fateh, Pakistan Army and Ghazwa e Hind

The Hadees about Constantinople fully and firmly applies on Sultan Fateh Rehmat Ullah Alehe. He is the blessed Sultan who captured the city from the Crusaders, 900 years after the saying of the Hadees by Rasul Allah (sm). He was the first from the entire Ummah to achieve this glory and barakah. DO NOT doubt this fact. For the last 560 years, the entire Muslim Ummah have acknowledged this fact without doubt. It was because of this feat that Khilafat was transferred to Usmani Turks by the entire Ummah. This is NOT an issue of debate for us.

Sheikh Imran Hussian is wrong about the interpretation of the Hadees of Constantinople. He is also wrong about Sultan Fateh. Sheikh Imran also does not believe that Pakistan army will fight the Ghazwa e Hind. He is wrong here as well. He is a good scholar but he is a human being too and has made mistakes here. That is his own opinion and we don't accept it.

Constantinople has been captured as promised by a Jannati Sultan and his Jannati army. InshAllah, Pakistan army will lead, fight and capture Delhi. It does not matter if anyone disagrees or argues about it. The fate is written and will unfold InshAllah for all to see. There was a reason why Pakistan was created under the shadow of Medina. There was a reason why we were blessed with Iqbal and Quaid. There was a reason why we were made nuclear power. We have made Medina e Sani. Now "Fatah Makkah" is also close, InshAllah !!


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