Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zaid Hamid's letter to George Galloway against Terrorist and Traitor Altaf Hussain !

This is my letter to George Galloway.


My dear George,

Greetings and respects.

Let me introduce myself. I am Zaid Hamid, a security and defense analyst based in Pakistan. You can further know about mission, vision and duty on our website www.brasstacks.pk

We in Pakistan, take you as a friend and it is under this confidence that I write to you today.

Pakistan is undergoing the same pain which the greater middle East is going through today. From Afghanistan to Syria to Libya, the Muslim world is on fire under this new “reshaping of the greater middle east” doctrine of the US administration. These new 4th Generation wars require the use of terrorists gangs, insurgent groups, urban warriors and violent non-state actors to destabilize a nation to “soften” it up for either making it into a “Somalia”, or “Iraq” or “Yugoslavia” -- a failed state, an occupied state or a dismembered state !!!

In Karachi, where you are so fondly remembered and loved, a terrorist urban Mafia is acting as the vanguards to destabilize Pakistan. In the last 20 years, almost a 100,000 Pakistanis have either died or wounded in an ferocious urban war orchestrated by these terrorists whose head is a Mafia lord, terrorist and an assassin based in London, holding a British nationality. His gangs have kept the people of Karachi as hostages for the last 20 years now and the bloodshed continues. Now the people of Pakistan have had enough.

We seek your support in persecuting this terrorist. You know him very well and have spoken against him. He sits in the safe haven of London, protected by the British government and perhaps MI6 also. It is hopeless to expect from our own toady government to raise the issue with the British government. The people who believe in justice, dignity, human values and honor for human life will have to take it upon themselves to carry this sacred mission home.

We are counting on you in UK to take this issue to the court. It must go to a crown court for justice.

Your friends here expect this from you. We don’t knight a person in this part of the world for great service but we offer much more in many other ways. Love is just one of those.

Stay blessed and God speed.

Zaid Hamid


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