Monday, June 24, 2013

Who is fighting to destroy this sacred mission? Let us identify our enemies.

Dear members, let us give you some strong arguments to defend the mission and the ideology.

Remember this: There can be many people who have difference of opinion with me. there is no harm in it. But there are many who are aggressively working to destroy us, our mission, our ideology and the Takmeel e Pakistan. You will always find them to be the active enemies of Pakistan. always check their backgrounds before you start to believe their lies and question our mission or the person.

Who is fighting to destroy this sacred mission? Let us identify our enemies.

1. Congressi pro-Hindu, Indian funded Mullahs. They are leading this campaign. These Mullahs have always been the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). if you trust them, they will destroy you. Remember this. These Mullahs will attack with Fatwas of Kufr, will call me a Qadiani or agent of CIA or ISI or Iran or false prophet etc etc.

2. Second group is Liberal Secular gangsters like SAFMA, Hamid Mir, Asma Jahangir and the snakes of this type. Their strategy is call to us an ISI agent, a religious fanatic, a Jihadi, a Muslim extremist, a follower of Zia etc etc.

3. 3rd group are the terrorists of TTP, BLA, LeJ etc. They are the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and their attacks are more physical in nature.

4. The traitor political parties like MQM, ANP and Zardari gangsters. They operate in the political domain and use their power and clout to use the judicial and political system to silence our voice and mission.

4. The Judicial system and CJ. They are using their judicial system to silence our voice and to block our mission and vision.

They are all active and aggressive players in war against the mission of Rasul Allah (sm) and defense of Medina e Sani. They all cooperate with each other despite apparently being in the different camps. For example the snake Tahir Ashrafi is also a fasadi Congressi Mullah, also a supporter and member of SAFMA and also member of the government's council of Islamic ideology. They are all one huge system of Dajjal.

One last point. About the allegation that I am a follower of a false prophet (Naoozubillah), chekc out this website where dozens of great Ahl Sunnah scholars have given their opinions on Yusuf ali case. Sheikh Nazim, Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi and Maulana Manzoor Shah Sahib of Jamia Fareedia Sahiwal had strong opinion and Fatwa on the case and you should read them yourself to know the false propaganda in that case. That was purely a sectarian case where Congressi mullahs had used threat and blackmail to nail someone from the opposite sect. Know the facts so that shaitan cannot make you go astray. If anyone has any issue with the Fatwas, pl ask those who have given them. Do Not blame me :)

stay blessed and know your enemies. In these times of war, our enemies come in all forms and shapes. Do lots of astaghfar and ask Allah to show you the truth despite the lies, deceptions and propaganda of the enemies.

khair inshAllah.


Muryum Ehmed said...

Sir i am a house wife, a mom of 3. What can i do for my country?? Im extremely depressed after i heard that hamid mir is a traitor. We r surrounded by fitnas of all sorts. How can we get out of all this?? Im performing my duty of
raising 3 muslim, patriotic Pakistanis, to the best of my abilities. What else can i do??

Tayyaba Zaid said...

@Muryum Ehmed, sister you can contact Mr. Zaid Hamid at his personal email adress

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I daily listen your leactures, I really want to do something for my PAKSITAN for IQBAL's PAKISTAN . I'm a engineering student. How can I do something for PAKISTAN?

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