Monday, June 24, 2013

There is a reason why TTP is called "dogs of hell" in Ahadees !!

CIA kills Pakistanis. In return, TTP promises to attack Pakistani Muslims and then kills Chinese in Gilgit !!! There is a reason why TTP is called "dogs of hell" in Ahadees !!

As we wrote last week also, Pakistan’s crisis is on three axis:

1. Law and order and terrorism. NS will have to hand the terrorists. Period. He will have to give free hand to the army to eliminate them even if he has to form military courts to try the insurgents. When army is fighting them, army should try them and eliminate them too. Pakistan’s judicial system under CJ has betrayed the nation catastrophically. Trusting the civil judicial system to fight the terrorism would be a national suicide. Understand this clearly. This judiciary is fighting the army, not the terrorists.

2. Economy. He must focus on recovering the billions of dollars of stolen wealth, NOT on taxing the poorest of the poor to pay the bankers. His entire strategy of revenue generation is a failure. Not a single attempt to recover the looted and stolen wealth and he has adopted the path of least resistance of crushing the already crushed nation. This will explode in his face.

3. Defense of ideology of Pakistan. Today, Pakistan is being attacked more ruthlessly and fiercely on this axis than on the military and economic fronts. NS will have to defend the ideological boundaries as well as the geographic ones. This is another of his great challenges.

So far, he is doing everything wrong. TTP and BLA keep reminding him of that but still he does not get it.

Next few weeks would decide the fate of his government. For now, he is totally confused, like a blind man, looking for a black cat in a dark room !! The entire system needs a major surgery. If the State does not do this surgery, then Halaku khan will !!

This is NOT an argument about democracy or Martial law ! This is about justice, which is far more critical than any political model. providing justice is the duty of Government and the Judiciary and both have failed catastrophically. It is time they find a solution else they will be hanged soon as well or TTP will get them too. This is natural justice.


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