Monday, July 8, 2013

Are you a Russian Shia or a NATO Sunni ??

Understand the larger sinister game and do not be an idiot who harms Ummat e Rasul (sm) in sectarian ignorance.

Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) has declared war against Bankers and Riba NOT against sectarian differences !! have you ever thought why ??

The Zionist bankers control both US and Russian economies. Now they have deployed both Russian and NATO forces within the Muslim Middle East to re-shape the world. The entire Muslim world is the battlefield in this new world war. Muslim world is further divided into Russian and NATO camps.

Have you heard the latest insulting question which our enemies ask Muslims these days ?? they ask " Are you a Russian Shia or a NATO Sunni ?? Astaghfurullah !!

This is the tragedy. Dividing Muslims into Shias and Sunnis and then handing them over to Russian or NATO camps is part of this larger war. This is exactly what is happening in entire Muslim world especially in Syria it is visible most blatantly. Bashar ul Asad is backed by Russians and all Shias have joined that camp. Free Syrian army is backed by CIA/NATO and all sunnis have joined hands with them.

who is on the right path ?? Now Muslims are killing each other with Russian backed Muslims fighting NATO backed Muslims ?? ask your heart ????

Our dervesh Baba Iqbal had warned the Muslims strongly that " Oh you idiots who are stuck on Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Ali, for God sake wake up before the enemies destroy you in infighting" !!!

This is what we say to you today. Wake up before your enemies destroy you in infighting and take away all that is sacred for us. They are already making shoes from our skins and raping our women and we are only shouting "Shia Kafir, Sunni Kafir " !! How stupid we can be astaghfurullah !!!!


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