Sunday, July 7, 2013

This is the tragedy of the Ummah......

This is the tragedy of the Ummah.

In Syria, a pro-Russian, cruel and criminal regime of Bashar ul Asad is brutalizing the nation for decades. Now pro-US/Israel gangs of Khawarij have been created by CIA to remove that regime through urban war, killing and raping the innocent Muslims of Syria trapped in the middle. Both the regime and the Free Syrian army are criminal beyond words.

But both sides are being supported by Muslim countries as well igniting major sectarian and ideological wars within the Muslim world. Russia and Iran is supporting the criminal regime of Bashar ul Asad. US/Israel/Saudi Arabia/Qatar/Turkey are supporting the Free Syrian army gangs. Within this alliance also -- Turks and Saudis/Qataris are opposed to each other, creating another sectarian violence on Salafi-Sufi axis.

The same crisis is now visible in Egypt also.

The CIA removed the pro-Palestinian/pro-Islam government of Morsi through a martial law backed by Judiciary. Saudis are supporting the coup against Ikhwan. Turks are extremely angry over this coup. This is further creating divisions between Sunni countries -- between Turkey and Saudi arabia.

The enemies are playing Muslims off against each other, waging wars within Muslim lands, killing our people, looting our resources and humiliating our sacred values and faith.

You know what, there is a company in UK which makes leather from human skins ! They use human skins to make shoes, bags and clothes. There are reports now that they have a free supply of Muslim skins from the Middle East. We have sunk so low that enemies are making shoes from skins of our dead brothers and sisters ! astaghfurullah !!!

This what happens when you have no Khilafat, no unity within Muslims and no honor within the rulers that we have. The rulers of Venezuela and Bolivia are showing more dignity and ghairat against the US than our entire Muslims world, Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon.


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