Monday, July 1, 2013

BrassTacks National Security Analysis and Pakistani leadership.

So, what would be the direction of the events from here?

So far, every step NS has taken has either put him on a collision course with the nation and the army or has failed to send any strong message to the enemies, terrorists or the corrupt. Even his strongest supporters feel that his venom and anger against Musharraf and army would bring about his early demise and instead of focusing on the real economic and social issue, his desire of revenge is driving his policies.

There are no signs to suggest that he would be able to contain the bloody campaign of terror in the country with the presently deployed policies. MQM is rocking under scandals and internal divisions, which would trigger power struggle with the Mafia gangsters of Karachi. That would further ignite the Karachi turf war.

The revenue generation strategy remains on taxes and loans on harshest terms, which would further isolate him from the people. His handling of challenges on Afghan front, on India and China would be most severely tested as he also keeps the portfolio of foreign Minister with him along with the PM slot.

CJ supreme court is adding to the chaos and crisis in the country, taking cases selectively against army and Musharraf but not punishing the terrorists.

In November this year, 3 major players of the country would leave their offices – Zardari, CJ Iftikhar Chaudrey and army chief. Right now, Nawaz is at war with Zardari and army with the help of Iftikhar chaudrey. He would like to appoint his loyal President, his sympathetic Chief justice and a faithful army chief to gain total power in the country.

But as NS is going these days, he may not last that long. He has made a shaky start and things have gone from bad to worse ever since. There is NOT a single move from his side which makes us comfortable. For now, he is surviving but indeed pushing his luck too far.


Ishrat Hussain Mohammad said...

Nobody should be allowed by the sensible citizens to utilize the office of the Chief Justice and Supreme cout and any government position or office to take personal revenge, musharrif did what he thought good that time for the nation, he did not worked for his personal benefits.

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