Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The present rulers are NOT the ones who would take this millat to glory.....

Remember this:

The present rulers are NOT the ones who would take this millat to glory. They are only the arrogant idiots who have come because the nation wanted to give another chance to democracy, as a collective punishment to our own sins.

DO NOT be impatient. Use this time to spread the message of Khilagfat e Rashida, revive the ideology, defend the identity and read Iqbal and become the Shaheen he wanted you to be. This is the time to prepare and to spread the message.

All our leaders in every sphere are either incompetents, ignorant or arrogant who have no dignity in dunya, no honor in Akhirat ! anyone following them today would rise with them on the day of judgement. So chose your leader carefully.

We have made our choice. Our leader is Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and we reject this system of Kufr in all its forms and manifestations. Stand firm, stand united, Khair inshAllah !!!


Ishrat Hussain Mohammad said...

Salam Alaekum,

I am regularly read your articles and comments, this article about choosing leaders is also very nice, One thing which I noted while reading your opinions is that your thinking is in correct way for the millat, there is no other person than you in thoughts and opinions as clear as you are,
But this ummat will not be reformed by mere Waaz, Ye ummat Waaz aor Bayano se Sudharne wali nahin hae, agar iss ko sudharna hota to 1400 salon mein sudhar hi gai hoti, her roz abtar se abtar hoti jarahi hae,
Magar iss ka yeh matlab nahin hae ke ham mayoos hojaien.

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