Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Now it is your choice. Slavery or freedom ??

When we give azaan for Khilafat e Rasida model, the liberals, seculars and the aetheists make fun of us. But watch these few minutes of the documentary to see how horrible things have become under these Kufr systems. Never in human history, entire humanity was such enslaved at the same time. This will shock you beyond words.

Now as the liberals, seculars and the bankers to give you a solution to this crisis. They WILL NOT. because, they want this system to continue. They control the media, they control the judges, they control the governments, they control the armies and when some Muslim leader tries to emerge, like in Egypt or Turkey, they deploy all their forces to crush the voice.

If we continue with this Kufr system, then our entire present and future generations would remain slave !! Now it is your choice. Slavery or freedom ?? Capitalist backed democracy/dictatorships or Khilafat ???? Zillat or Izzat ??? Jahhanum or Jannat ???


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