Friday, July 5, 2013

Pakistan needs suitability, It does not need democracy or martial law!

Just a few days ago, CIA attempted to stage a coup in Turkey also. But the Turkish army remained firmly behind the popular leader Erdogan and the coup attempts failed.

The plan was moved to Egypt then. Here, the army chief and the Chief justice were bought off by the CIA. Crowds for hire were provided by Coptic Christians, liberals, secular and pro-Israeli gangs. Within days, instead of threatening the protestors, the army moved in, removed the popular President and the CJ was made the head of a "technocratic caretaker government backed by army" !! They are planning to change the constitution also to change the system to their choice !!

In Egypt, a military backed technocratic government has staged a coup against a popular and good President. This act would being civil war in the country and would pitch the people against the army -- exactly what the US wanted and is being done in Syria now.

In Pakistan, on the other hand, the government is corrupt, unpopular and causing a civil war in the country. But the US is protecting and supporting this filthy democracy. An army backed technocratic government in Pakistan would actually end the civil war, remove the corrupt government and stabilize the country.

Isn't this incredible that those who always made fun of our idea of an army technocratic government in Pakistan are actually celebrating the same idea in Egypt ??? Though, it is not khair for Egypt.

In Pakistan, this democracy has failed as well. We will have to bring an army backed civilian technocratic government sooner or later. When the State organs fail, the non-state actors move to grab the power. The same crisis is happening in NWFP, Baluchistan and Karachi where terrorists, Khawarij and urban gangs are replacing the State forces because of the collapse of the state institutions.

Pakistan needs suitability. It does not need democracy or martial law. We need to change the government and the Constitution to make the system in line with the Khilafat e Rashida model. If a military coup can take place in Egypt on the orders of CIA, then why cannot it be done in Pakistan to destroy the game of CIA? Khair inshAllah !!


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