Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ya Allah !! What has happened to Ummat e Rasul (sm)

Ya Allah !! What has happened to Ummat e Rasul (sm) :(((

We stand divided, broken lost, confused and under attack and like pearls broken off from the string of Tasbeeh and now rolling away without any control and unity.

It is in times of such calamity that that Allah (swt) love a miskeen humble faqeer Mujahid who raises the flag of Kalima, makes his stand against Kufr, give azaan to revive and unite the Ummah and then charge forward with courage and passion to defend what is sacred ! Such men have always come in history when Ummah was in shambles. Nuruddin Zangi, Sallahuddin ayubi, Alap arsalan, Badar Bin Mogheera, Tipu Sultan, Umer Mukhtar.... Allama Iqbal, Quaid e Azam.... InshAllah, Allah will bless us with one such leader soon. Have faith and stand united with the sacred ideology and do what is within your means to defend this millat e marhoom.

When we give azzan, the idiots, snakes or the enemies would call us controversial, make fun of us, mock our azaan and mission but we do not care. We have a duty towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and to him we report alone. Labbaik Ya Rasul Allah (sm) !!


Ishrat Hussain Mohammad said...

There is a Hadith of Rasool Allah (SAS), regarding the Signs of the approach of Day of Judgement, it states that," The Turmoils and Tribulations will so descend to this Ummah as the Beads from Broken string of NeckLace".

And another hadith states that," The enemies of Islam will so Break out and attack them from all front such as peoples fall on the food in a feast",

The formation of allies and coalition against attacking muslim land in todays context is predicted in Hadiths 1438 years before.

There are thousands of Hadiths wich proved to be true, We must recite Sura Kahaf's first Ten & Last 10 aayats in these times.

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