Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Recite Fatiha for baba Quaid. Today, is his death anniversary.

The way we defend the geography of this Medina e Sani, equally fiercely we will defend the ideology as well.

Pak army is already fighting on the ground to defend the geography. It cannot fight on the social media to defend the Ideology. This is the duty of our Shaheen and Soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm).

For the last 65 years, these liberal snakes have been lying about Beloved Quaid that he wanted a secular state. Now their lies and myths have been comprehensively busted. Arm yourself with knowledge and destroy the lies and propaganda of the liberal seculars against our beloved Quaid. The time has come that we protect our land and also the honor of our Quaid. We will not tolerate non-sense now.

May Allah bless Quad e Azam and increase his darjaat in Jannah ! MashAllah, the greatest Muslim leader since Tipu Sultan... Still, the Ummah has not produced a single leader who can match the level of Quaid. This is a fact.


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