Monday, September 9, 2013

We must defend the ideology of Pakistan and beloved Quaid / Baba Iqbal

Dear Children,

While we defend Medina e Sani from Mushriks and Khawarij, we must also defend the ideology of Pakistan and beloved Quaid / Baba Iqbal. This is a fierce fight and you must know your ideology, Quaid, Baba Iqbal and Allama Asad very well to destroy the myths created by liberal seculars.

The liberal secular are using factually wrong, historically inconsistent and deliberately biased pack of lies to spread that Pakistan was meant to be a secular state. What about hundreds of Quaid's speeches where he categorically calls for Islam as the state religion and Pakistan as a premier Islamic state?? Should we ignore all those speeches as political stunt ???

What about influence of Iqbal on Jinnah and the vision of Pan Islamism in Iqbal and Jinnah ?? should we ignore that too ??

Justice Munir is now proven to have lied about Jinnah’s words. Read the book “secular Jinnah ?” by Saleena kareem.

Objective resolution was passed by our founding fathers based on the works of Allama Asad, the convert whom Iqbal and Quaid had given the task of Islamic reconstruction.

Both Iqbal and Jinnah hated extremist Mullahs. Does that mean Iqbal was a secular ?? I hate fasadi mullahs too and do not want a Mullah led state. Does that make me a secular :) ??

The speeches of Allama Asad are available on net now which were broadcast from Radio Pakistan under Quaid's guidance. What do we make of them ?? These are the most clear signs that Quaid wanted to make a premier Islamic state leading a Muslim block in entire Ummah.

This liberal secular camp has lost the argument big time and are only barking to recover a lost cause, alhamdolillah !


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