Sunday, June 1, 2014

Visit to Mashad......

Visit to Mashad is always most fascinating. The Muqam of Imam Raza is a revered place for both Sunnis and Shias. For the first 800 years, this muqam was being taken care of by Sunnis. In the last 400 years when the safavi dynasty came to Iran, then the caretakers became Shias but both sects love and respect this great Imam from ahl e Bayt. 

Do you know that Khalifa Haroon Rasheed is also buried next to Imam Reza right here ?? Though Caliph Haroon had died earlier than Imam Raza and was buried here, his son Mamoon ur Rasheed decided to bury Imam Raza next to him and now both Imam Raza and Haroon ur Rasheed are buried at the same place next to each other.

It is reported that all Afghan sultans who used to invade India for Ghazwa e Hind would always pay their respects here first before launching their attacks on India. Mehmuud Ghaznavi is said to have come here 17 times -- every time he attacked India.

Most of the buildings are almost 1000 years old with most incredible artwork imaginable. A true historical treasure. Stunning to the core.

The complex is almost as large as Haram Makkah with multiple galleries of treasures within it. The Books library with over 100,000 hand written manuscripts is one of the largest collection of Islamic hand written books from the last 1400 years! The Quran library has over 13,000 rare hand written Qurans from the last 1400 years starting from the first Usmani Quran written by Hazrat Usman. The intensity of these treasures is stunning indeed once you get to see them.

There is a graveyard here as well where many famous people are buried. Including General Musa Khan, governor of Baluchistan. Raja Sahib Mehmood abad, a close friend of Quaid e Azam and a founding father of Pakistan movement is also here.

You must have heard the name of old and historical city of Ray. Ray is actually next door to Tehran and now almost consumed within the Tehran limits. Tehran is a comparatively new city, about 150 years old but Ray is since Persian empire times.

Iran a true treasure house and there is no doubt that they have preserved these treasure with great love and care for the entire Ummah. Every Muslim can visit these libraries, museums and relive the history.

Alhamdolillah, visiting these place is always a sublime journey through time, connects you to your history and culture and reminds you that only the Aulia Allah and Mujahids are the ones who have truly lived their lives though each and every person is just a mortal in this temporal world.

With love and dua

ZH, travelling on the dusty trails of history.. searching for the footprints of those who created it...


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