Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is a special Ramazan gift for the Millat !

Photo: Team, We need to translate our TV programs into Arabic, Turkish and Farsi languages. Our programs need to be sub-titled and analysis translated. any volunteers who know these languages ?? this would be a volunteer project for those who wish to contribute.. 

if you can and want to do it, pl email me your details and contact numbers at 

To all other children and members, Learn these 3 Muslim languages. take time out and do a serious effort to learn them. Each language will take from 6 months to 1 year for you to become fluent. this is a time worth spending. If you can speak these 3 languages (in addition to Urdu and English), inshAllah, you can communicate with the entire Muslim world from China to Istanbul to Morocco.. 

Those who want to do the duty in the Ummah, the time to prepare is NOW !!This is a special Ramazan gift for the Millat. Halqa e Yaran is our most profound series of Spirituality, Wisdom of Quran and the character of Band e Momin -- a ground breaking series done on Royal TV few years ago. Very few of you have seen it as it was uploaded on Youtube many years ago and new followers are now aware of it. Now we are uploading it on Vimeo. These are 4 episodes, rest 16 will follow soon. Book mark this page and listen to these soul shaking azaans. InshAllah great khair will come to those who hear them with adab and love.



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