Tuesday, July 8, 2014

To all the Shias n Sunnis out there.....

My this post is for Sunni Muslims who consider Shias as Kafirs and thus play into the hands of Kuffar through sectarian wars. 

Remember this -- Sunnis have strong sectarian differences with Shias but within Sunnis also there are strong sub-sectarian differences. Some Salafis consider Barelvis as Kafirs, Some Deobandis consider Barelvis as Kafirs and vice versa... the list is long unfortunately. 

But when you go to Hajj, all sects do Hajj together, Umra together, pray in Masjid e Haram and Masjid e Nabwi together and when you die you get buried in Jannat ul Baqee together -- Salafi, Barelvi, deobandi, shia... side by side... in salat and in graves... NO fighting there 

Even the most harsh and hard-line version of Islam -- the saudi salafi model -- DO NOT consider Shias as Kafirs... otherwise no Shia could come for Hajj or Umra. Entire Muslim Ummah is prsent in Hajj and NO one objects on the presence of other sects..... Because there consensus in the Ummah that we have sectarian differences but these sects are NOT kafirs..... Note this point clearly.

Let Allah judge whose aqeeda is correct. You judge on the actions and on the fact that how that Muslim is behaving towards the Ummat e Rasul (sm). if his actions are not hurting the Ummah, then leave his sectarian aqeeda. Allah will judge him on that.

Quaid e Azam had all the Muslims with him fighting for Pakistan -- Barelvis, sufis, Shias, Deobandis, salafis... Pakistan was objective and all fought against Mushriks and Khawarij of the time.

For Allah's sake -- dont play in the hands of Khawarij. Let Allah judge the Shias. You dont become the judge, jury and the executioner. A Muslim can NEVER be Takfiri. It is a Takfiri who later become the Kharji. Be very careful when you issue Fatwas of Kufr. this brings you closer to Kufr yourself. Be very very careful.

May Allah help Ummat e Rasul (sm) and unite its factions into one solid body. ameen.



My this post is only for Shia Muslims... !!! Yes, you are reading it right. I am breaking off from tradition here and addressing only Shia Muslims as the issue involves the Shia Muslim community totally. 

Understand one critical point here. Zionists and Khawarij are the enemies of both Shias and Sunnis. The entire Muslim world, especially Syria, Iraq and Pakistan have been decimated by the Khawaij working for the Mushriks and Zionists. The enemies are NOT shias or sunnis but Khawarij, Mushriks and Zionists !!

It is the war strategy of the Khawarij/Mushriks/Zionists is to exploit the Shia-Sunni divide so that they dont have to kill Muslims. Muslims would kill themselves as now happening in Iraq and Syria with Khawarij taking advantage of that infighting.

Sunni Muslims respect and love all Sahabas and ummahat ul Momineen. Sunnis love and respect Ahl Bayt. Sunnis love and respect all 12 Imams also. So the problem is NOT on the sunni side.

The problem and war starts when Shia Muslims openly express their sentiments towards 3 Khulfa e Rashideen and Bibi Aisha (ra), which provokes Sunnis. Some pick up weapons and a war starts. Then the Khawarij and Takfiris join the battle and it becomes totally out of control.... we have seen this a million times.

The wisest within the Shia Muslims know about this problem and have tried hard to control it within Shias. Read the following Fatwa from Ayatullah Khamani, the spiritual leader of Iran. He makes it haram to abuse those sacred personalities whom Sunnis love and respect. This is a great Fatwa, which can bring great khair for the Ummah if the Shias take this advice.

For Allah's sake and for the sake of Ummat e Rasul (sm), DO NOT provoke each other with such abuses. How would you react if someone abuse your parents in front of you ?? He may even kill you....

Let Allah (swt) judge who is right and who is wrong... Just DO NOT provoke each other. Shias MUST show tolerance here as the probem is on their side and their Rahbar has forbidden this foul practice now in this great Fatwa.

In Karbala, just check the names of the Shuhada... read the names of sons of Hazrat Ali (RA) and Hazrat Hasan (RA). The names were Usman, Abubakr... !!! If Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Hasan can name their children on Khulafa e Rashideen, why dont Shia Muslims follow Sayaydna Ali and Sayyadna Hasan and do the same ?? This will completely eliminate the perception that Shias are hostile to those personalities who are revered by the Sunni Muslims.

In these times, Ayatullah Khamnai is a great leader of Shia Muslims. I would strongly advice all Shia Muslims to follow his Fatwa on sectarian violence. There is khair in this..

May Allah have mercy upon Ummat e Rasul (sm).

Barak Allah to all of you.


Shia Muslims should read the first ten names of Shuhada of Karbala -- the children of Hazrat Ali (ra) and Hazrat Hasan -- Read their names -- How many Usman and Abubakr you find ????? Wallah, if you are sincere followers of Imams, then you will also name your children as they did... and never abuse them... and would listen to fatwa of great leader Khamnai...
Both Sunnis and Shias should clearly understand -- Khawarij consider you both as Kafirs and would rape your women and loot your property and kill your kin ruthlessly. DO NOT be an idiot and fight amongst yourself.

The Takfiri and the ideological venguards of Khawarij. It all starts from a fatwa of Kufr and then they become violent and become Khawarij.... Be very very careful. DO NOT destroy each other and the faith as Khawarij are neither Sunnis NOR Shias....

Barak Allah feekum...


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