Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The traitors and the treachery!

The Mir Jaffar's and Mir Sadeq's of today have sold the honor of ummat e Rasul (sm). They are now planning to open NATO supplies and thus, offering this nation as sacrifice to dogs and swines of crusaders. These traitors have now cleared the path for Af-Pak war against Pakistan and have also opened the supply line of weapons for TTP, BLA, MQM and ANP to wage their own urban 4GW against Pak sarzameen. Parliament had prohibited the supply of weapons and had demanded stoppage of drones. Fuel is also a military tool of war. Now these snakes will feed the enemies to swallow this nation. This is the ultimate test of the CJ and the army chief. It is time for them to make their move or else give us guns. We will defend our medina e Sani!

The traitors in the government and the munafiqeen in the media are trying to justify their crimes of opening up the NATO supplies by saying that Pakistan cannot fight the 48 countries of NATO! These snakes fail to answer that then how come poor Taliban are defeating these 48 countries???

These snakes tell you that Pakistan's economic aid would be blocked and sanctioned imposed if we block the supplies but these snakes will never tell you that Pakistan have suffered over 70 billion dollars of losses, ten times more than the entire aid, and have lost 100,000 people in this imposed war!

These snakes will tell you we will not send in weapons to NATO but will never tell you that no containers will be inspected and fuel is also a critical weapon in this war to kill Afghan Muslims!

These snakes will tell you if US leaves Afghanistan there would be a civil war but they will never tell you that there is already a war to break and divide Pakistan under US led AfPak which is threatening Pakistan's existence while an internal civil war within Afghans (even if it takes place) will never threaten Pakistan!

This is the art of politics, lying and deception which our media and rulers specialize in. This is what George Orwell said about this sinister art of politics and diplomacy!! Know your enemy and expose their lies. We are educating you. Spread the knowledge and launch media and knowledge based attack on these liars to expose their crime. By Allah, none of them will be forgiven and will be brought on trial in an Islamic court very soon, InshAllah. Just wait.


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