Saturday, May 19, 2012

When an Islamic state will be created, it will be benevolent, merciful, tolerant and just

There was a time when Muslim Khilafat was giving aid and charity to Europe in times of their need and crisis. When an Islamic state will be created, it will be benevolent, merciful, tolerant and just not cruel, colonizer, invasive and murderous as we have these modern so called demon-cracies.

In 1845 , because of a the famine in Ireland the population went down from eight million to six million as a result of deaths and mass immigration to America. When the Ottoman Muslim Sultan Abdulmajid, khadim ul Haramain al shareefain, who was struggling with his own economic problems at the time being due to the big drought that year, heard from his Irish Doctor that his whole family had died in Ireland and so he decided to help the suffering folks in Ireland.

Ireland was 4000 miles away from Turkey, which was also in a political turmoil, but his conscious told him to send 10.000 Sterling. However, the Queen of England who only helped the Irish with $ 2.000 Sterling or only with one fifth what the Sultan was ready to give, intervened and limited the Ottoman help to only 1.000 Sterling. Sultan Abdulmejid , knowing that this little will not be of to much help to the people of Ireland decided to send three ships, full of food in addition to 1.000 Sterling to Ireland. Once again Queen Victoria prevented the Turkish ships to enter the harbors of Cork City and Belfast, but they finally succeeded to dock secretly at the small port of Drogheda and deliver the food.

The Letter of Gratitude to Ottoman Sultan from the Noblemen, Gentlemen and Inhabitants of Ireland

“We the noblemen, gentlemen and inhabitants of Ireland want to express our thank and gratitude for the Ottoman Sultan's munificent assistance due to the disaster of dearth. It is unavoidable for us to appeal the assistance of other countries in order to be saved from the enduring threat of death and famine. The Ottoman Sultan's munificent response to this aid call displays an example to European States. Numbers were relieved and saved from perishing through this timely act. We express our gratitude on their behalf and hope that the Ottoman Sultan and his dominions will be saved from the afflictions which have befallen us.”


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