Thursday, July 26, 2012

A suicide note for Pakistan! The MOU on NATO supplies

This treacherous Zardari regime has now officially signed a suicide note for Pakistan, Astaghfurullah! The MOU being signed with the NATO and US for transportation of their lethal weapons to Afghanistan and to bring them back for an Af-Pak invasion. Now Pakistan will officially allow the entire US army to enter into Pakistan !!!! We are being led to the slaughter house like sheep and the media, thinkers, analysts, SC and

Here we have done a quick analysis of the sinister "death certificate" for Pakistan.

1.Despite cleaver play by the government of categorizing lethal and non-lethal supplies and allowing only "non-lethal" supplies for the US forces the truth remains that every kind of supplies would go to Afghanistan via Pakistan under different pre-text. Some as humanitarian goods, some as support goods and weapons and military hardware as assistance to ANA. ( All the US/NATO operations in Afghanistan contain that tag of assisting ANA but the fact remains that it is merely a smoke screen).

2. The re-export clause is next big issue in MoU. It would allow the US to re-export its goods and weapons in case Pakistan prevent the flow of supplies after another US attack or any other reason. Pakistan would able to cease the supplies but not seize them!

3. US would not pay a penny in tax. No transit fee.

4. US would not pay a penny for infrastructure.

5. In case of any damage to the US cargo, Commercial container carriers (mostly Pakistani ) would pay the damages to the US. US would claim her damages as per MoU.

6.In case of any dispute, Pakistan would not able to call on any third party entity (International community) and issues to be resolved bilaterally.

7. Pakistan will ensure security of US cargo.

8. After this MoU, No further NOC would be required from any other department of Pakistan (including Army, ISI and MI)


9.No mention of checking of cargo in the MoU. So even if MoU prevents any lethal hardware for the US military, How it will be ensured that cargo does not contain any lethal weapon described in Annex A? Customs officials are corrupt and often collude with US against Pakistani interests on Container issues. So, would government allow Pakistan army or Rangers to run a check on every containers to ensure the flow of non-lethal goods only?

10. PPP government is an out-going government with very bleak profile on corruption and mismanagement. SC has declared the ex-PM as the most dishonest man. What credibility this government has to finalize a security sensitive agreement for indefinite time? the mentioned date of Dec. 31 2015 does not carry any weight in presence of provision of renewal of MoU every year.

11. Being an "elected" government, Why this MoU wasn't discussed in Parliament? It looks like PPP government is trying to bypass Parliament on this issue and the whole nation as well.

If Pakistan cannot check the containers, the rest is all sheer non-sense. How would Pakistan ensure that “lethal” weapons going into Afghanistan will not be used by NATO and only ANA will use them? Why would NATO NOT pay for all transit fees, damage to roads ? Why would Pakistan pay for damage to NATO supplies? Is US paying for damage to Pakistan due to this war? CSF is not a damage re-reimbursement but cost of war already incurred by Pakistan.

Who will pay for 100,000 Pakistanis killed or wounded due to this US war? Who will pay for over $90 bn in losses to the nation in economic and social collapse.

Who will pay for last 12 years of free transportation of millions of containers, trucks and over flights? Why should they be free? Under what law?

what about categorical stand of Pak army that NATO is supplying weapons and support to TTP insurgents and that the attack on Salala was done to create a passage for TTP insurgents into Afghanistan?

When NATO would bring their hardware back into Pakistan under the MOU, who would know they plan to leave through the port or coming to invade the country officially under Af-Pak military doctrine?

Either the Pakistani nation take charge of its destiny and over throw this regime or else wait to be slaughtered like Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian Muslims.

Now we know why Baghdad was sacked by the Mongols and its rivers ran red and black for ages. When nation and its leaders become beyghairat, Allah has His own ways to bring in new people who love Allah and Allah loves them. Khair inshAllah.

 Memorandum of Understanding Between Pakistan & US


Anonymous said...

La Hola wala Quwat

Anonymous said...

We don't even know but indeed we really saw and are still experiencing the Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan, Burma's and Syrians' Muslims ... only few will pray in there Jumma Khutbaas, remaining are shut up... We as Pakistanis must be aware of the fact that this country is not a place to live in only but a shield to protect over future and Islam. No one had come to get it for us and no one will come to protect is for us, we alone have to protect it and have to be the Leader of United States of Islam.

Anonymous said...

now its time to reunite and save Pakistan.I fully support Zaid Hamid .Army should take over and kill all the bastards nd they should not sign this agreement.

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