Sunday, July 1, 2012

Raise your voice !!

Join the battle and raise your voice.

There is a fierce debate going between Ministry of Foreign affairs (MOFA) and Ministry of Defence (MOD) over NATO flights carrying weapons into Afghanistan. According to parliament's resolution, NO weapons can go into Afghanistan even via air. But the Ministry of Defense is forcing the MOFA to continue allowing the NATO and US to take weapons through air bridge. This is illegal, unconstitutional and a crime and both MOFA and MOD high ups are liable to be prosecuted for this sinister crime.

The patriots are now planning to file a petition in the Supreme court to expose those who are secretly facilitating the Crusaders to take weapons into Afghanistan via air bridge violating the parliament's resolution. We also ask PAF NOT to clear any military flights carrying weapons and PAF must as the MOFA and MOD to clarify these blatant violations.

All those involved in this betrayal will be brought to book. We promise you that, InshAllah! Cases are being prepared.

Write to MOFA and MOD and raise the issue on every social network to blast and expose the traitors. We have blocked the Land route. Now we will block their weapons through air also, InshAllah. Join the battle!

Way back in October 2010, we had warned the Americans that we will choke their supplies if they continue to wage a war against Pakistan!

CIA and NATO did not take us seriously back then and today, pay the price for their arrogance! Let us warn them again -- get out of Afghanistan while you still can and do NOT even think of bringing India as your puppy dogs into Afghanistan. The Pakistani nation is furious and in rage. You would be lucky if you can get out Afghanistan alive. Take this as our last warning.

Our message to the Indians -- welcome to Afghanistan. We will meet you there InshAllah. Just one word of caution -- Remember the word Hindu Kush, where Afghanistan is situated -- It means the Hindu Killers!!!


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