Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today, is the death anniversary of General Zia Shaheed.

Today, is the death anniversary of General Zia Shaheed. Most of the young generation of Pakistan do not know this great man. Liberal secular, Hindus, Israelis and the Americans hated him to that extent that he was finally assassinated by th
e a joint Israeli-India conspiracy. He destroyed the Soviet Union, saw eye ball to eye ball with the Americans, built strong relations with China and almost destroyed India by supporting Kashmir and Khalistan movements. Muslim world asked him to lead the Ummah and represent them in UN, making him the leader of the Muslim world and Pakistan as the leading nation. General Zia added the Objectives resolution into Pakistan's Constitution to decisively crush the secular who wanted to make Pakistan a secular state.

In the following speech, he is defending the Afghan Mujahideen who were fighting against the Soviets. He understood that any foreign power in Afghanistan would ultimately come and destroy Pakistan. Today, when Americans are in Afghanistan, his words are hauntingly true when a new war is being waged against our Pak sarzameen. See his courage, passion and vision to help Afghan Muslims and to save Pakistan. May Allah bless his soul. He lived like a Mujahid and was killed by Kuffar to die a shaeed's death. Recite Fatiha for his soul. ZH

General Zia is the only Muslim leader whose Ghaibana Namaz e Jinaza was also recited in Khana e Kaaba and in Masjid e Nabwi, MashAllah! Hear this amazing soul shaking speech and know what great man he was. There is a reason why Jews, Hindus and Crusader had him assassinated. he was a Mard e Momin and a dervesh ruler.

Muslim world was bitterly divided in the 80's. Iran-Iraq was going on and OIC had not invited Iran. Egypt had signed the camp David accord and it was thrown out of Arab League and OIC. No body was speaking for Afghan Muslims who were under Soviet rule!

There was no body who play the role of moderator for the entire Ummah. Then Allah selected General Zia !!! Then the entire Muslim world asked Pakistan to represent the Ummah in UN. This speech was made in Casablanca and is one of the most historic moment in history of Pakistan when we admonished, adviced and protected the Ummah against internal feuds and bitter sectarian wars.

Can any leader in the world, even today, dream of speaking like this to the arrogant Arab and other leaders of the Muslim world???? This is great leadership, MashAllah! The entire Muslim world accepted what General Zia proposed, such was his respect.


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