Friday, October 19, 2012

We Pakistanis demand that US/NATO hand over Mullah Fazlullah to Pakistan....

We Pakistanis demand that US/NATO hand over Mullah Fazlullah to Pakistan who is hiding under the protection of CIA in Kunar. If the CIA/RAW do not hand over the Kharji terrorist to Pakistan immediately, we will force Pakistan army to support Afghan Taliban against the occupation forces. Let the regime change in Islamabad. By Allah, we will block the NATO supplies once again. Enough of the betrayal!!! We will take revenge from the NATO/CIA for all their crimes. That is a promise.

 A pic says a thousand words! Every act of war, violence, terrorism, insurgency, TZP, BLA, suicide bombings and attacks is due to one single reason --- US/NATO have occupied Afghanistan and Indians are exploiting that vacuum to send in war to Pakistan. The real enemy is NOT in North Waziristan. It is not even in Kunar to be honest. The Kharjis of TZP and BLA are surviving because their bases, supply lines, training camps, hospitals and command and control centres are intact and secure under the protection of NATO.

If a dog falls into a well, we cannot clean the well by draining the well. We will have to pull out the dog first!!! In the pure well of Afghanistan, the dogs of US/NATO/Indians have fallen. Those dogs must pulled out at all cost, by all means, by all strategies - covert and overt ! We did that to Soviets, we can do to the Americans also! Will be done, InshAllah! We are on it now. They will see!



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