Thursday, November 8, 2012

If we still insist upon this filthy elections and democracy, then fear Allah

The last 5 years of democracy has destroyed the nation and fed this millat to dogs literally. If we still insist upon this filthy elections and democracy, then fear Allah. We may end up worse than Iraq, Somalia or Yugoslavia. The entire system has collapsed, astagrurullah! Over 100,000 killed or wounded in urban wars. Nearly 25,000 killed in Karachi alone in last 5 years!!!!

Constitutional collapse. Supreme Court's own judgments ack that Federal govt rep is involved in writ

ing a treacherous Memo against army and nation security. Supreme Courts own judgment accept Constitutional failure of Baluchistan govt. Supreme Court own judgment ack all ruling parties in Sindh are involved in terrorism. Supreme Court's own judgment declare NRO as void, making the entire present govt and beneficiaries of NRO as disqualified to hold office.
Judicial Collapse. Not a single terrorist convicted & hanged in the country through judicial system despite over a 100,000 dead & wounded in a massive decentralized urban 4th Generation war. Most spectacular and destructive judicial failure anywhere in modern history with no remedial measures as yet.
Economic Collapse. Federal Board of Revenue say Rs. 1800 billion collected in taxes this year. NAB says Rs. 1800 billion lost in corruption this year! Experts believe frm 100 billion to 500 billion dollars of stolen Pakistani money stashed in foreign banks. Total IMF loans taken in the last 5 years exceed total collective IMF loans in the last 60years before that. Country is officially bankrupt printing 3billion rupees per day, crashing the currency!

Now, the entire political and judicial circus is demanding another elections to bring back the same snakes to complete what this treacherous regime could not finish! By Allah, we will resist.

Remember this clearly for our duty is to warn you firmly. DO NOT go for elections. It would bring bloodshed, war, anarchy and then the same gangsters who are in power today. The time has come for a patriotic government to be selected by the Judiciary and Army. Else, there would be so much anarchy that army will be forced to deploy Martial Law just to save the country from total annihilation. Wake up and demand a patriotic government of selected technocrats.


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