Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another sinister axis of 5thGW

Let us show you another sinister axis of 5thGW. divide the country on ethnic lines.

These very Makhdooms are now trying push through the creation of new provinces on ethno-linguistic basis. They intend to create new political fiefdoms for themselves and create new posts of Governors, Chief Ministers & Cabinet Ministers for their progeny. I urge you to launch a strong media campaign against the creation of new provinces on the following lines:-

1) Provinces on ethno-linguistic lines totally negates the ideology of Pakistan which rejects all racial, ethnic & linguistic divisions and brings together all muslims as a nation solely on the basis of their muslim identity. These Siasatbaaz politicians pushing for ethno-linguistic provinces should be branded as anti-Pakistan.

2) Siasatbaaz politicians have no love for people and only wish to create new posts for themselves. Increase of ministerial posts will open up new avenues of misuse of power & corruption. Pakistan's political super-structure is already top heavy and very expensive for a poor country. It needs to be trimmed down to reduce bad governance & corruption and not further increased.

3) The feelings of Administrative Neglect & Under-development in areas peripheral to provincial headquarters i.e. South Punjab, Bhawalpur, Interior Sindh, Hazara etc., can easily be addressed by reviving Commissioners & Division and ensuring fair distribution of development funds through the Provincial Finance Commissions. This solution will not increase the political super-structure.

This haramkhor regime is desperately trying to destroy our beloved Pak sarzameen, astaghfurullah...


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