Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The snake Rehman Malik is openly threatening "Fall of Karachi" under "atrocious terrorist attacks" which can "detach the port city from rest of the country" !!

Can you believe this ? The snake Rehman Malik is openly threatening "Fall of Karachi" under "atrocious terrorist attacks" which can "detach the port city from rest of the country" !!

This is called 5th Generation war -- spread fear, anarchy, chaos, violence and insurgencies which this regime, media and judiciary and the terrorists are all doing together under a directed controlled 5th GW against Pakistan. The objectives of this latest hissing is to draw the entire intelligence assets into Karachi and then draw army into an open war on urban streets. A trap is being set for the army to demolish the nation from within.

When we talked about 4th and 5th Generation war, these snakes made mockery of us. Now even the blind can see their game.

The only solution to prevent this crisis is to bring a patriotic caretaker government, else be ready to become Iraq or Libya.. The so called leaders have sold us to the dogs...

Govt, agencies to be blamed ‘if Karachi falls’: Malik

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior Rehman Malik has said that there was information of serious terrorist attacks in Karachi next month, warning that if the port city was ‘detached from the country’ the government as well as the intelligence agencies would be responsible.
Talking to the media here outside the Parliament House on Monday, the federal minister said that the enemies across the border had planned to carry out a massacre in the economic hub of the country. The intelligence and law enforcement agencies had been asked to remain vigilant and play a proactive role to thwart any such move, as their job was not just confined to passing on information about any possible threats.
“There are some anti-state elements in the country that intend to destabilise Pakistan,” the minister added. It is the core responsibility of every citizen to work together for the betterment of the country and especially to play a role in maintaining law and order, he said.
He said it was meaningful that there was no terrorist act whenever the cellular phone service was suspended.
To a question, Malik said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and other parties were not holding any long march or sin-in in Islamabad. He said that he had talked to them and they had conveyed to him that they would only accompany some leaders from Karachi in their walk from the Parliament House to the Election Commission Headquarters to register a protest on the delimitation issue. He said it would be a peaceful walk and security would be provided to the participants.
Malik said the government was ready to provide security to former ambassador Husain Haqqani whenever he returned to the country to appear before the Supreme Court.
To another question, Rehman Malik said he had asked the relevant authorities to take steps for installation of filtration system at the earliest so that YouTube could be unblocked.


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