Tuesday, January 15, 2013

India is deliberately provoking Pakistan army for a high intensity conflict...

India is deliberately provoking Pakistan army for a high intensity conflict when Islamabad is under siege and the entire government has fled the Capital and Pak army is heavily engaged in internal security duties. These are serious escalations and the patern suggest that Indians are now looking for an excuse to launch their Cold start. We had warned of this scenario a thousand times but the leaders, media and the CJ always betrayed the millat. Now we are in a most serious crisis.

We have no doubt about the outcome of this conflict if India wages it but now the cost of defending Pakistan would run into hundreds of thousands of Shaheeds if not more. Allah never forgives the collective blunders of the leaders and the nation. Now tauba would only be accepted in blood.... lots of it. Astaghfurullah !!


We had been warning you for years -- Indians will launch Cold Start Military doctrine when anarchy and chaos would spread inside Pakistan and Multiple Mukti Bahini's of today would attack us from within. our Politicians, Our CJ and our Media has sold us to the enemies. Army alone is fighting on ground. No one in media is taking these Indian threats seriously. We are monitoring them closely and know they that they plan to start a war once we collapse within.

If Indians attack openly, that would be the last stages of the Ghazwa e Hind InshAllah. Let them ignite it. We have been waiting for centuries......



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