Tuesday, January 15, 2013

People of Baluchistan have slapped the "azaad Adlia"

People of Baluchistan have slapped the "azaad Adlia" and are now demanding Army to take over !! A complete collapse of Anglo-Saxon law led by the CJ, who lost no opportunity to humiliate and insult the army and FC in Baluchistan when the security forces tried to control the terrorists. People DO NOT trust Iftikhar Chaudrey now. People trust Pak army!!

When BrassTacks filed a petition over law and order of Baluchistan, Mr. Iftikhar Chaudrey threw it out. Now the people have spoken against CJ and his adlia and demand the same Army whom the CJ tried to block.

Now where is CJ when the people are sitting on the streets with 80 dead bodies for the last 4 days !!! Where is adlia???

One of the biggest betrayal of the nation has come from the judiciary in these times of war and crisis !! Innalillahe......


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