Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let us take it one step further.

Pakistan desperately needs a patriotic caretaker setup. There are no two opinions about it. The caretaker setup for 3 years should rule with iron hand and clean this Pak Sarzameen of this filth of corruption, Kufr and terrorism and revive the nation of Pakistan.

People ask us who will being this caretaker setup?? Let us answer them. Let us propose a set of names to form a board of neutral patriotic selectors. This board of selectors should name 18 people whom they feel should be part of the caretaker setup. Then we ask the army and the judiciary to remove this present regime and bring those 18 recommended people as caretaker government. Then leave the rest to this new caretaker government to do.

In our suggestion, the board for selection of caretaker government should consist of following neutral patriotic people. We will trust their judgement. These people will NOT be part of any political setup but would be part of the board to recommend the names only.

1. Dr. Ajmal Niazi sahib.
2. Ghulam Akbar sahib.
3. Dr. AQ Khan sahib.
4. Dr. Samar sahib.
5. General Hamid Gul sahib.
6. Orya Maqbool Jan sahib.
7. One member from army.
8. One member from Navy.
9. One member from PAF.
10. One member from judiciary.

Such a board which is patriotic, neutral, non-political and ideologically correct with a proven track record of contribution in their own fields should be enough to make a jump start for the Caretaker government. Army and the Judiciary should accept our proposal and act upon it urgently. This will save the country from lots of anarchy and chaos. Otherwise, in the end, when the total anarchy would spread before or after the elections, then the military will have to take over and then the entire caretaker setp would be formed by the army. We are OK wit that too but many others may not be. So, now when we propose that a natural caretaker setup can be brought through a neutral patriotic board of selectors, then this proposal should be accepted. There is khair in what we have suggested, InshAllah.


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