Monday, January 7, 2013

Our brave sons are fighting and dying everyday, smiling in the face of death.....

NO haramkhor politicians send their children to join army to fight the Khawarij. That is why they don't care of these brave sons die or not.

Our brave sons are fighting and dying everyday, smiling in the face of death but the nation and its leaders remain naive, ignorant and even hostile against these brave sons. If these sons were not fighting and dying everyday, you can be sure TTP or Indians or Crusader Blackwaters entering into your homes and taking away your honor! MQM, ANP and BLA are part of this war as well and so is this regime of Zardari and his allies.

Today, Pakistan is facing a most bloody war within its borders. Elections under these conditions will bring back the same snakes who are in power today. This democracy is a curse and unless we return back to Allah (swt) and demand a Khilafat e Rashida model, we are doomed. We demand army to take over now and bring patriotic caretaker government. NO elections, for God sake.

Try attending a Jinaza like this and then you will know what it means to be in a war ! What it means to pray over your fallen friends who had fought alongside you in battles. The families of our sons and brothers in armed forces are doing this everyday -- leaving behind thousands of orphans, widows and old grieving parents. This is a war our haramkhor politicians do not want to acknowledge. Elections in these times of war would mean more deaths, destruction and chaos. Then there will be no time for tauba, just punishments. Wake up now before it is too late.


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