Tuesday, January 29, 2013

People of Pakistan must know their enemies and must realize the threats...

The traitor media and the treacherous political touts join hands to create fear, terror and anarchy to prepare the grounds for the Indian invasion. Only the deaf, dumb and the blind cannot see the deliberate orchestrated anarchy of the 5th generation war.

Still, the idiots ask us why are we are warning of the impost war and plan to dismember Pakistan on ethnic, linguistic and provincial lines. Now when Karachi is already on fire, they are creating new provinces in an anarchic way when there is only 4 weeks left for this regime -- result would be civil war between ethnic communities in Punjab also. FATA and NWFP and Baluchistan are already on fire. For Allah's sake wake up and demand patriotic caretakers and block elections.

People of Pakistan must know their enemies and must realize the threats else be ready for the most harshest of punishments from where there is no tauba except rivers of blood, astaghfurullah.

Wave of terrorism to hit Karachi in February: Malik

January 28, 2013 - Updated 1553 PKT
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ISLAMABAD: There is a possibility of a massive wave of terrorism to hit Karachi from the first week of February, however, Taliban are not involved in it, warned Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday.
Speaking to media here, Rehman Malik directed Sindh government and intelligence agencies to utilize all their potential to avert the imminent threat of terrorism in the financial hub.
He said a foreign hand and some banned outfits are involved in Karachi violence, but not the Taliban.
Malik said, soon, he would convene a high-level meeting of LEAs and intelligence agencies to chalk out a comprehensive strategy on Karachi situation.


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