Sunday, January 13, 2013

The entire Indian society is now gearing for war with Pakistan

Read what this retired Indian general says: India should exploit the fault-lines in Pakistan -- Baluchistan sectarian and economic through all covert means. This is called the 4th and 5th GW. Wars are not fought on borders alone now. Indians are fully waging the wars on our streets and in our urban centers through TTP, BLA, MQM, PPP, media and urban insurgents.

The entire Indian society is now gearing for war with Pakistan. Indian air force chief, Ana Hazare, Indian media and their army -- all are belligerent and aggressive, sensing the major failures in Pakistan.

Pak army, if the Indians roll into Pakistan and there is anarchy in Islamabad as it is today, then it would be game over for Pakistan. First red line is already crossed -- second red line is inches away!


The infamous Indian activist Ana Hazare now openly calls for war against Pak Sarzameen !! The snakes are all hissing now. The Indian media, Indian air force chief, their social activists..... The clashes on the LoC and the Indian 5th generation war against Pakistan in Quetta, in Fata, Karachi and in rest of the country.

We are monitoring the media and diplomatic traffic and there is no doubt that Indians are waiting for the right moment of anarchy in Pakistan, which they feel would come anytime now.

Let us inform our nation: We may suffer severe losses in the beginning, as we are facing now. If the Indians decide to go for the Cold Start, we may suffer some more as we do not have a government in Pakistan and the nation is most bitterly divided. But these setbacks will bring most patriotic and ruthless brave men to the top for a comprehensive counterattack. Indians have already started the war, but by Allah, InshAllah, we will finish it for them, no matter what the cost.

Just another reminder -- before we take on the Indians, we will eliminate the traitors within us without mercy. That is a promise.

LoC unrest: India's Anna Hazare calls for waging war against Pakistan

Published: January 11, 2013
'It’s high time that we teach Pakistan a good lesson,' says Hazare. PHOTO: REUTERS / FILE
PUNE, INDIA: While both countries struggle to uphold the ceasefire agreement after the recent incidents of cross-border firing at the LoC, Indian social activist Anna Hazare has called for a “tit-for-tat” reply and to wage a war against Pakistan, the Indian Express reported on Friday.
“The way in which these jawans have been killed is unacceptable. It’s high time that we teach Pakistan a good lesson,” said Hazare.
“We should give them a tit-for-tat answer. Let’s have a decisive war and solve the problem for once and all. I am 75 now but if there need be I would go to the borders and fight against Pakistan,” he added.
Four soldiers from both sides have been killed in the recent spike in hostilities across the LoC – the heavily militarised de-facto border between Pakistan and India at Kashmir.
Tensions flared on Sunday when Pakistan accused Indian forces of conducting a cross-border raid, killing one Pakistani soldier and injuring another. Hostilities escalated on Tuesday, when India accused Pakistan of killing and beheading two of its soldiers on their side of the LoC.


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