Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cant you see this 4th and 5th Generation wars ??

All provincial capitals are on fire. Cant you see this 4th and 5th Generation wars ??

Even MQM/ANP demand that army should take over Karachi.

Now Hazaras are demanding that Quetta should be handed over to army.

Peshawar and NWFP is almost entirely protected by army already.

Now we fear a massive anarchy heading towards Islamabad also.

For how long army would wait, we cannot say. But when everyone else in provincial capitals can demand army to take over, then we can also demand army to take over Islamabad.

If army delays taking over, they will have such a mess that even an intervention later would not be able to recover the country -- just as it happened in Yugoslavia.

That is our point -- everyone knows within their hearts that political government and democracy has collapsed. Allah willing, Only army can save Pakistan now. Even the politicians, Supreme Court and the Election Commission knows that. They cannot even count votes in Karachi without army's help!

Only the total idiots or the traitors can demand election in these times and say that only democracy can save the country. Allah does not give guidance to the deaf, dumb and the blind.


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