Thursday, January 10, 2013

The modern wars are fought with these 3 weapons!!

The modern wars are fought with these 3 weapons!! Our army will fight with the bullets. All of you take up the Pen and the USB !! Each aspect of the war is lethally important and army cannot fight on all fronts alone. Each one of you is a soldier for Pakistan.

We have produced massive material already. Use your laptops, cyber world, sites, blogs, tweets and your mailing lists to spread the message to all Pakistanis and Muslims. There are 7 million Pakistanis outside Pakistan and millions of user within. We connect to them through the USB and net. Reach out to them and defend your ideology and identity against Indian and hostile propaganda and information war.

Think of new ideas to fight back and to take the war to the enemies. Attack and destroy Aman Ki Asha drama. Expose the traitors within our ranks. Give hope to the nation and brand Pakistan strongly. Each one of you is our ambassador. Defend this land and its sacred ideology well. Our time has come. Rise and there is enough glory for all. May Allah be with you always.


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