Thursday, January 17, 2013

What are the options for Dr. Qadri now?

It is now clear that the government is going to use force against the protestors in Dr. TUQ long march. All the corrupt political parties have joined hands together. Imran could have helped the protest but he decided to stay away. Army is neutral. CJ has not offered any help either and only wounded the government but not removed it which has allowed the government to re-group and attack as now all ruling political parties have joined hands also.

As such, Rehman Malick is on the offensive now and force can be deployed anytime. We are extremely concerned about the women and the children present there.

It would be extremely tragic if a Lal masjid styled tragedy is repeated. We, at BrassTacks, have tried our best to reach out to the government, Dr. TUQ, politicians and the policy makers to bring sanity into the affairs but so far, we have found very hard positions.

What are the options for Dr. Qadri now?

1. Make a final demand to army and CJ to take responsibility for assuring an honorable caretaker govt. Then they should withdraw and lift the Dharna and go back. They have made their point. This may disappoint many of their followers but lots of anarchy would be avoided.

2. Make a stand and face the force of the Police and Constabulary. This could get very ugly and bloody and lots of anarchy would be created. We are concerned for women and children specialty.

The present indefinite state of sit-in cannot continue for long. The system of corruption was not weak enough and the number of people was not huge enough to be brought down through a public protest. From the beginning, we had strong reservations about the whole process and had feared this ending.

Pakistan is facing an Indian threat rapidly from the East. Internal threat is equally lethal and bloody. Army is already on a high alert. An anarchy in Islamabad would exactly what the enemies want.

Now we talk to the army directly: if the anarchy spreads in Islamabad, pl move the 111 Bgde and bring back sanity immediately. Pakistan cannot afford anarchy more than it already has.

May Allah have mercy upon this milat e marhoom.


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