Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who has elected the Media? -- the literal Presstitutes !!

Who has elected the Media? Who has given them the license to shape, mold and control our minds and thinking? How come a corrupt blackmailing profession become "sacred" ???? How can media remains without accountability??? How come even the CJ, government and the nation remains hostage to few unknown men who control the advertising, media and channels???? Who has given the right to media to declare what kind of Pakistan we need? How come the jahil, secular, lifafa driven anchors become so important that they become the King Makers, Danishwer and analysts????

This is the sinister evil Taboo subject they don't want you to talk about. That is why the media wants democracy as the Capitalists thrive on the blackmailing power of media to control the hearts and minds of the nation and the people.

You think you are free to vote, to elect, to chose what you want to wear or eat ! In reality, each and every move of your life is controlled by evil men who are only interested in selling their products, ideas, ideology and beliefs to you.

The Channels like Geo and Express are worse than street pimps in selling moral and spiritual anarchy -- the literal Presstitutes !!

In an Islamic society, Media would be most harshly controlled and no Banker, Capitalist or Gangster will be allowed to spread moral, mental, spiritual or national anarchy to the masses. That is why you find the media as the biggest opponent of Shariat and biggest supporters of Kufr and Democracy. Now you get it????


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