Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ask Allah for a Salahuddin !!

Allah will only give you a great leader if you do tauba from all systems of Kufr and demand a Mujahid to establish the system of Khilafate Rashida. Allah will never give you a WaliAllah if you keep sinking deeper into filthy democracy or Capitalism or anglo-saxon laws under this sickening judiciary and elections.

How did Allah give Sallahuddin to the Ummah during crusades when we were desperate for a leader ?? Did he come through elections ?? NO !!! How did Allah sent Fateh, Tareq, Tipu, Shamil, Qasim and Quaid ?? None of them came through democracy but were God sent in times of crisis in response to the prayers of the Ummah.

DO NOT dictate the process to Allah. DO NOT say that we want a leader from democracy or from political parties or we don't want a soldier.... DO NOT be stupid. Just ask for Allah's mercy in the form of a Mujahid leader. He can be a soldier or a civilian but he will have amazing attributes.

We are without a leader today and taking great losses, no doubt. But it is always darkest before the dawn. Sabr and defend Pakistan fiercely in your own capacity and join the mission Takmeel e Pakistan. InshAllah, Allah has NOT abandoned us. He will give us a Salahuddin. Prepare yourself to receive such a ruler and till that time, DO NOT sit idle. Fight back and use the weapon of Dua. InshAllah Khair.


Na Keh Na Likh Kar Kay Dikha said...

و رفعنا لك ذكرك
صلى الله عليه و اله وسلم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Ya Allah ! pl accept the humble shahadah of the patriots of this beloved sacred land that we HATE this filthy nauseating man-made systems of KUFR (democracy and all isms ) as we Hate Kufr !! We are NOT part of it, we ruthlessly REJECT them all.Alhamdolillah .....

Ya Allah pl bless the promised mujadid , the khalifah , the ameer , the guardian ,the Mard Ghayyor , the father of our nation. Though we do not deserve such wali ullah but You are with the Guman of your ibaad , We need Your mercy.... we beg Your Reham only for the sake of Your Beloved Murshadi Sayyadi RasulAllah صلى الله عليه و اله وسلم. pl forgive us.
ameen Ya Samee ud dua. صلى الله عليه و اله وسلم

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