Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pakistan is here to stay and expand, InshAllah

Believe this or not....this is a real picture of the first Azad Kashmir Secretariat in 1948!!

This was how we started off!! Offices were merely tents propped up on ground....papers were pinned together using thorns because we didn't even have paper clips! Yet our elders believed in this piece of sacred land...they said resolutely "There is no power on Earth that can undo Pakistan!" And today when we have all the resources in the world...we shrug and say, "Pakistan is a failed state!"

Do not forget how we started and how far we have reached! And NEVER lose faith in the destiny of Takmeel-e-Pakistan... Pakistan is here to stay!! InshAllah, forever!!!

We indeed have a tough fight at hand and for now we are loosing ground but never ever lose hope. Stand firm, united and dignified and be wise. Dont be fooled by these snake Siyasatbaaz who pass as leaders in this demon-cracy.

InshAllah khair.

(picture taken from Shahab Nama)



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